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Diary of a Rock Lady

what its like to love some silly piece of music, or some band, so much it hurts

She walks in Naked Shoes
4 March
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I am a college Senior who will probably end up doing something mindless and totally against college before I ever see a diploma. I have deep passions for small things and insane obsessions with things I consider big.

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User Number: 305868
Date Created:08/10/2001
Number of Posts: 933

Withsomethorns is a lot sweeter than her name would give notice to. Infact she is basically a Shroom who think she is a rose. That basically is all the news ya need, the rest is a happy surprise. Oh Huge music fan, a groupie shroom if you will... Oh and then ther's that Cowboy Bebop thing... LA LA LA
Strengths: Flexibility, ankles fit neatly behind my head, fairly open, loving
Weaknesses: Supposedly overaccomidating, easily obsessive, kinda nutty,
Special Skills: ability to look like Janis Joplin or Tori Amos Or a Shroom, hyperactivity is a gift from heaven,
Weapons: bouncyness, Love, occassional thorns, and as you should be aware some shrooms are poisonous,
La-La-LOVES : Neal Cassady, Neil Gaiman, Duo Maxwell, the Merry Pranksters, KISS, Edward Wong Hau Pepilu Trivusky IV, Francesca Block, drummers, Certain amazing Tolkien purists, Life, Shrooms, Sark, Tori Amos, Delerium, Adult Alternative music, Eric Idle, the Grateful Dead, CHEEP TRICK, Faeries

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